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About Me

Myself Jayesh Gala, founder of TradersPlace. I am an Investor & a Trader. Also an Mentor & a Guide.It all started in 2000. Online trading had just started in India. With trial & error, making enough mistakes along the way, I learnt Trading, Investing & Technical Analysis. In 2009 I cleared my CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) certification from International Federation of Technical Analysis (IFTA).TradersPlace started as an advisory service in 2006 till 2013. Since 2014 I am totally focused on Technical Analysis Coaching and Mentoring for Traders & Investors.

Technical Analysis Course

Do you struggle with Trading?
Afraid to Trade?
Profits small, Losses large?
Tips, News, Media not helping?
Emotions taking toll on Health?
Confused about Market movements?
Loosing Time and Money due to Failure?
Unable to find Winning Trades consistently?
Trading carries huge rewards as well as huge risks. Without proper knowledge and discipline it can cause serious ruin to financial health. Trading looks easy and glamorous from outside, but only minority of traders succeed at it in long run.Trial and error is costly and cumbersome way to learn trading. If you are serious about trading, its advisable to first understand how things work in the financial world before jumping in. With basics clear, you would be better prepared to succeed at trading.Choice is Yours!
Continue trading without understanding how market works. Trade on your own with trial and error. Keep paying fees to Mr Market for all the random and un-managed trades.
Take the technical analysis course, invest some time for knowledge that would serve for a life time. Understand the method (3M's Mind, Method & Money).
Technical Analysis Video Course :-
# 35 Hours of video content full of invaluable wisdom derived from experience. Concepts explained with chart examples from various markets. Delivered via USB Pen Drive or Cloud on enrollment.
# Course also inclusive of two reference books, that would be delivered online.
# One year support from Trainer to clear doubts & queries regarding the course (via WhatsApp)
# One Hour Live Consultation via Google Meet.
Learn Technical Analysis from a Market Expert, at your own pace, within comforts of your Home / Office.Investment of just Rs 9,000. All inclusive !

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Dombivli - 421201,
Mumbai Metropolitan Region,
Maharashtra, India.
(Visits by prior appointments only)If you have any query or suggestion, drop me a line, will revert soon. Thanks :)

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Mentoring Program
for Traders & Investors

Why Mentoring Program ?
Its difficult these days to distinguish between knowledge and noise. So much information is available about markets and ways to seek the financial treasure. Most of it is noise, some of it is wisdom.
How to know which is which?
Do it yourself by trial and error would be costly and time consuming method to understand markets. Mr Market charges steep learning fees for every mistake made! On other hand its always better to have a experienced guide in the financial jungle that knows the in and out of the maze. Someone who has already committed most of the mistakes and has learnt from them is most suitable to guide!
Wisdom is nothing but knowledge polished by experience. Mentor Jayesh Gala, is Certified Financial Technician with 20 years of experience in trading & investing.What You Get in Mentorship Program?
# One year unlimited support via Phone, WhatsApp, Video Call from the Trainer to discuss and clear out all your doubts and queries.
# 10 hours of live one to one interactive online sessions with the Trainer via video conferencing. This interactions can be used to get in depth insights into technical analysis, money management, risk management, behavioral finance, pit falls, trading setups, trading systems & like wise.
No more Fear and Confusion in Trading / Investing. Trade with Clarity and Conviction. Trade like a Pro. Never trade alone again !One Time Investment of just Rs 30,000 ! (all inclusive)

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MasterClass in Point and Figure Charting Method
Technical Analysis method that gives clear objective signals. No more noise and confusion, trade with absolute clarity.
What you'll learn
# By the end of the course you will be able to analyze, trade and invest in financial markets with conviction.
# You will be able to filter out noise in the financial markets and trade / invest with absolute clarity.
# You will learn method to get objective and clear signals for trading and investing.
# You would get better at managing risks and trade / invest without confusion.
Basic understanding of Technical Analysis.
Many techniques of Technical Analysis work beautifully, but often at times are subjective. Show charts to ten different people or experts, they all would see it differently. This is where Point & Figure method in Technical Analysis has a clear edge. Its pure Price Analysis, no Time, no Noise!
Trade and Invest with absolute clarity using Point and Figure Charting Method
# Recognize the history, fundamentals, construction and principles.
# Understand how price action makes the chart move.
# Learn unique concepts of Catapult, Signals, Poles, Counts, etc.
# Build your own system for determining solid Entry and Exit for Trading & Investing based on Risk : Reward.
No more confusion in Trading / Investing
Emotion is the greatest enemy of Traders & Investors. Unfortunately, like everyone else, even if you follow Technical Analysis, you are subject to emotions, when making your decisions. Point & Figure method is simple method that gives clear objective signals. This will help you overcome your emotions and clear confusion while analyzing market direction.
Contents and Overview
I have been practicing Technical Analysis since early 2000, but started seriously using Point & Figure only from 2013. It's been my favorite analyzing method since. In this course, I am sharing all my experience and insights gathered over the years.
This course contains 16 video sessions with 4 hours of insightful content. Its designed for people with basic knowledge of Technical Analysis. If you are a Trader, Investor, Research Executive or a Finance Student, this course is for you.In this course you will first understand History, Principles and Construction of Point & Figure Charts.Then you will learn basic concepts of signals, patterns and trendlines. Then progress to unique concepts of Poles, Catapults, Counts, etc.After covering the concepts you will learn to join the dots via in depth analysis. In the analysis videos you would understand the thought process when reading charts for different time frames.By the end of this course, you'll have valuable skill to gainfully analyze financial markets with time frame most suitable for your trading & investing style.Who this course is for:
# Active Traders or Investors in Financial Markets. Anybody who trades in Equity, Commodity or Currency.
# People into research of Financial Markets. Those tracking and analyzing Equity, Commodity or Currency.