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Testimonial from Clients

K Ravindranath, Banker from Hyderabad, Age 46.

I learned Technical Analysis from TradersPlace recently. I am very short term trader and l found the course useful. Jayesh's way of teaching is excellent and each topic was explained in detail. At the end of the course, group discussion and one to one sessions were conducted which helped a lot in applying the learning(Technical Analysis) to my trading style.

Sanjib Mall, Pune, Age 55.

As a premium member of TradersPlace I have been getting excellent advice on my investments as well as trading. I found the advice based on Technical Analysis timely, accurate and implementable. After seeing how well it works, it made me interested in learning more about technical analysis to improve my investment skills further and I joined the training course conducted by TradersPlace. The course and the study material was of high quality and we learnt how to apply the methods through various real world examples. This has given me a solid basis for making investment and trading decisions based on technical analysis. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a better investor.

Reshma Shah, Housewife from Mumbai, Age 36.

I am a housewife and trade in my own limited way. Before taking this course I use to trade based on recommendations that came on various TV Channels.  I was frustrated as I was not making money, infact I was loosing it! I recently completed the Online Technical Analysis Course with TradersPlace. Now I am aware of Money Management, Risk Management & Trading Pitfalls along with the knowledge of how to apply Technical Analysis in Trading. Based on my positive experience with the course I am confident that I would do much better going ahead.

Jeet Modi, Software Engineer from Bangalore, Age 28.

I am software engineer by profession and I have been trading for past few years now. I do short term trading and also love to trade Nifty intraday whenever I could. I had subscribed to Nifty Trading Calls from TradersPlace earlier and found them very good. Was interested to know how the calls were given. So I enrolled for Foundation Course in Technical Analysis  and was amazed at the simple setup which resulted in such good trading calls in Nifty! Many of my wrong concepts of Technical Analysis got corrected during the course and I think I am more equipped now to apply the right tools in different market
conditions. Trainer is well qualified and has indepth knowledge of the subject,  I highly recommend this course for beginners who are venturing into trading world !

Umesh Dhingra, IIT'ian from Delhi, Age 56
First of all thank you and also congratulations on delivering a very satisfying technical analysis course ( Dec 2015) . The on line experience of your teaching and my understanding was absolutely perfect . I really appreciated your knowledge of the fundamentals, the varied examples that you gave and explained in detail , the different scenarios. Also the batch size was equally important so that individual attention to my queries was always there to perfection. The study material that you sent us and shared with us as we progressed in the course was very appropriate. Finally the WhatsApp group also keeps all of us tied together . Cheers.

Durgesh Kumar, Banker from Jorhat, Age 32
It was good experience for me attending the Technical Analysis Course. I feel more confident now in my chart reading & trading, Jayesh Sir's teaching style is just excellent.

Chetan Mehta, Mumbai, Age 38
I was following TradersPlace from last few years. Recently I had Joined his live Trading Course. It was wonderful experience and learnt a lot and most of the Technical Analysis concept are clear now. Jayesh Sir was very good in teaching & supportive, all beginners should learn from him.

Amit Sharma, Delhi, Age 37, Director Brats and Cuties Play School
On Technical Analysis course by Mr. Jayesh -  He is the best, his way of teaching is very neat, while conducting course he is more than ok even if there would be few hours or 1-2 mandays extra than the allotted timeline of the course but his purpose of conducting this course is very clear, he gives his best , incorporates all his experience to take his students up the learning curve and the best part he will never let you alone even after course completion, you will always remain connected with him through WhatsApp group, also he is just a call away in case of any assistance related to course post the completion as well. I feel confident in market post taking up his course but one needs to do a lot of practice post course completion so as to have par excellence knowledge, it's an ongoing learning process and practice makes you perfect.